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The Jeanette Wilkins award is given annually at the Annual Scientific Meeting to the best basic science paper presented as judged by the Program Chairman and Awards Committee. It was initiated in Aug 1992, as a tribute to Jeanette Wilkins, a respected scientist and leader in musculoskeletal infection research.

Jeanette Wilkins
Jeanette Wilkins

Jeanette was born in Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, attended Millsaps College in Jackson, MS Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans MS and became Professor of Pediatrics at USC.

Jeanette was a founding member of MSIS

Comparison of In vitro Efficacy of Antibiotic Cement against Common Prosthetic Joint Infection Pathogens.
Matthew J Dietz, Elizabeth Stewart, Brian McGowan, Emily Hunt, Dylan Thomas, Matthew Squire
Characterizing the Local Immune Environment in a Murine Model of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI).
Christopher Hamad, Joseph K Kendal, Zeinab Mamouei, Nicholas Peterson, Alan Li, Jeremiah Taylor, Abdulrahman Almalouhi, Parsa Asachi, Micheal Yeaman, Nicholas Bernthal
Not Given
Using Laser Capture Microdissection to Determine the Bone Concentration of Antibiotics in Mice: a Pilot Study.
Laura Certain; Brendan Prideaux; Claire Carter; Veronique Dartois
The Osteocyte as a Target Cell and Disease Nidus in Periprosthetic Joint Infection.
Atkins GJ, Yang D, Wijenayaka AR, Solomon LB, Pederson S, Findlay DM, Kidd SP, University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA
Adjunctive Cathodic Electrical Stimulation Eradicates MRSA Periprosthetic Joint Infections. Ehrensberger MT, Nodzo S, Tobias ME, Howard CS, Hansen LA, Luke-Marshall NR, Campagnari AA. State University of New York, Buffalo NY.
Organisms Causing PJI Stimulate Synovial Fluid Alpha–Defensin. Deirmengian, CA Kardos, K Kilmartin, P Citrano, P Gulati, S. Rothman Institute Philadelphia, PA
In vitro Testing of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells as an Adjunct Therapy for Treating Periprosthetic Joint Infections Chen AF, Tuan RS. Univ of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Characterization of Depot Antimicrobial Delivery Using MRI. Estes C, Boresi M, Caplan M, McLaren A, McLemore R. Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix AZ
Amphotericin Delivery from Antifungal Loaded Bone Cement (ALBC) is Increased with Increasing Porosity. Kweon C, McLaren A, Miller R, Leon C, McLemore R., Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix AZ
Impact of sarA on antibiotic susceptibility in staphylococcal biofilm-associated infection, Smeltzer, MS, Weiss, EC, Beenken, KE, UAMS, Little Rock, AR
Living Radical Photopolymerization and the Rational Design of Surface-Active Antibiotic Polymers
M.C. Lawson, K.B. Hoth, K.S. Anseth, C.N. Bowman;
Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO.
Initial Adherence of Staphylococcus epidermidis to Orthopedic Biomaterials is Polysaccharide Intercellular Adhesin (PIA) Dependent;
M.E. Olson, K.L. Garvin, P.D. Fey, and M.E. Rupp;
Depart of Path and Micro, Ortho Surgery, and Int Med, Univ of Nebraska Med Ctr, Omaha, NE.
Titanium Surface with Biologic Activity Against Infection;
Javad Parvizi MD, FRCS, Noreen J. Hickok PhD, Eric Wickstrom PhD, Allen R. Zeiger PhD, James J. Purtill MD, Peter F. Sharkey MD, William J. Hozack MD, Irving M. Shapiro PhD, Christopher S. Adams PhD, Richard H. Rothman MD, PhD;
Department of Orthopedic Research, Rothman Institute of Orthopedics, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Comparison of Soft Tissue Disruption Caused by High and Low Pressure Wound Lavage Systems;
James I. Boyd, III, MD, Montri D. Wongworawat, MD;
Loma Linda University , Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Loma Linda, CA
New Onset Diabetes Melitus Diagnosed in Patients Initially Presenting with an Extremity Infection;
Cohen et al
Steven Schnall
Surfactant Irrigation in the Management of Complex Wound Infection by Staphylococcus Aureus in a Rat Model;
D. Huyette, R. Walsh, K. Hendricks, G. Christensen, W.A. Simpson, J. Anglen, J.G. Phaup, B.Gainor
Location of Positive Culture in Treatment of Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty;
Edward J McPherson, MD
Chronic Characterization of Open Fracture Interstitial Fluid By Microdialysis in the Canine:
Aaron J. Mayberry, Jonathan A. Mathy, Spencer A. Brown, Bruce Klitzman, Terry Phillips and L. Scott Levin
Comparison of Laboratory Grade and Intravenous Preparations of Tobramycin and Vancomycin;
Paul Holtom
Antimicrobial Therapy for Prosthetic Joint Infection Due to Coagulase Negative Staphylocci;
William W. Sistrunk, James M. Steckelberg, Arlene Hanssen and Douglas R. Osmon
Treatment of Rabbit Tibial Osteomyelitis by means of a Biodegradable Device Loaded with rhBMP-2 and Vancomycin HCI;
John mader, J.H. Calhoun, D.J. Simmons, B. Zimmerman, and D. Brantley
One Day Cefuroxime Versus Three Day Cefazolin For Infection Prophylaxis In Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty;
Richard Evans, Carl Nelson, Robert Fitzgerald, Bill Petty, Richard Jones, T.G. Slama, D.C. Smith and D. Mauerban
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