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  • Online Case Conference

    On the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm central time we discuss Musculoskeletal Infection. Typically, one or two participants share challenging cases to get insight from the group, and any remaining time is spent discussing general topics related to musculoskeletal infections.
    If interested in participating, please enquire at

  • Pod Cast

    The goal of this podcast is to have both infectious disease physicians and orthopedic surgeons sit down to discuss the “joint” prevention, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal infections. We break down the existing data and open the lines of communication between the medical and surgical specialties to help navigate these challenging clinical cases.

  • Online Library

    The Orthopedic Infectious Diseases Online Library, is committed to delivering the most current and pertinent knowledge on bone and joint infections. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and trainees with AI-assisted synthesis of the most essential studies in the field, meticulously curated by experts.

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