MSIS Paper Grading System

General Guidelines:

Abstracts are blinded to author and center of origin upon receipt, and remain blinded until scoring is completed. Scoring is performed by a selection committee, consisting of the Program Chairman and at least 2 additional members experience in peer review undertaken by publications and/or other national meetings.

The papers are scored out of 10.

The minimum acceptable score for a paper to be accepted is 7.

Scoring Criteria

The topic must be relevant of musculoskeletal infection

  • Papers that are not specifically related to musculoskeletal infection cannot be considered for presentation at an annual meeting



Is the background rational and does it lead logically to the study question?


What is the study question/hypothesis/purpose of the paper and is it clearly stated?


Is the methodology scientifically correct?
(Clinical Trials- A strong paper is prospective, randomized, and multi-centered; Retrospective studies can be acceptable.)
Sample size needs to have enough power.


Were the Results clearly stated?
Is the study complete? or Does work critical to the purpose still need to be completed?


Were the Conclusions and Significance of the findings clearly stated and supported by the results?


Subjective Assessment +/- New or Pivotal information, composition and presentation style, etc


These guidelines are utilized to permit consistency in the assessment of the papers and to allow meaningful feedback to the authors if they request justification of the results.