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Application for Membership
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(Please note: The letters from each of your sponsors should be sent directly to the Chairman of the Membership Committee of MSIS )

Please submit your Curriculum Vitae with the following information: Training, Academic Contributions, Publications, Research, Presentations, Current Affiliations.

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It is specifically agreed by the undersigned that in consideration MSIS's treatment of the entire contents of this application, as well as all inquiries or investigations made pursuant thereto as privileged and confidential material, and not subject to publication or public dissemination whether voluntarily, involuntarily or by operation of law, that the undersigned specifically authorizes MSIS to make whatever inquiries and investigation it deems necessary to verify the credentials, professional standing and moral and ethical character of the undersigned. The undersigned further agrees that he/she will not cause or attempt to cause any public disclosure of the contents of any application with any applicant for Membership in the MSIS, or any proceedings of any Membership Committee or Board of Directors, whether said public disclosure be by operation of law or otherwise. Participation in one meeting every four years is required.

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