2011 Program

Thursday-August 4, 2011

Kahler Grand Hotel
5:00 8:00 p.m. Prosthetic Joint Infection Definition Workgroup (invitation only)

Friday-August 5, 2011

6:30 7:30 Breakfast
7:30 8:00 Welcome and Future Direction
Elie F. Berbari, MD-MSIS President
8:00 9:30 Basic Science Paper Presentations
James Steckelberg, MD, Moderator
9:30 9:50 Break
9:50 11:30 Symposium: Hot Topics in PJI
Charalampos Zalavaras, MD, Moderator
Is the Use of Nasal Screening and Decolonization Worthwhile?
Pro: Nalini Rao, MD
Con: Tony Berendt, MD
Is One Stage Surgery More Cost Effective Than Two Stage Surgery?
Pro: Thorsten Gehrke, MD
Con: Tad Mabry, MD
11:30 12:30 Lunch and Case Presentation - University Hall II-IV
12:30 3:00 Clinical Paper Presentations
Arvind Nana, MD, Moderator
2:30 4:30 Guidelines Update Symposium :
What Every Orthopedist and Infectious Diseases Specialist Should Know
What the Guidelines Do Not Tell You

George Cierny, III, MD, Moderator
Elie F. Berbari, MD, Moderator
Diagnosis of PJI AAOS Guidelines
Jay Parvizi, MD
Management of PJI IDSA Guidelines
Douglas R. Osmon, MD
Dental Prophylaxis in Patients with Arthroplasty
LM Baddour, MD
Vertebral Osteomyelitis IDSA Guidelines
Paul Holtom, MD
Update from the AAOS Safety Committee on Prevention of Boneand Joint Infections
Paul Huddleston, MD
Richard Evans, MD
4:30 5:00 Lessons Learned Over the Last 20 Years in an AcademicOrtho ID Practice
Walter R. Wilson, MD
Bernie Morrey, MD
5:00   Adjourn

Saturday-August 6, 2011

6:30 7:30 Breakfast, Business Meeting
7:30 9:30 Paper Presentation
John Esterhai, MD, Moderator
10:00 12:00 Special Lecture Series
Alex McLaren, MD, Moderator
Host Response to Biofilm
Wagner, MD EBJIS (tentative)
Challenging Cases in Chronic Osteomyelitis
Arlen D Hanssen, MD
Wound Preparation in Bone and Joint Surgery