2010 Program

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Friday, August 6, 2010

6.45 7.10 am Registration, Breakfast
7.10 7.15 am Welcome, Announcements - Charalampos Zalavras, MD
7.15 8.30 am SResearch Papers: Basic Science
8.30 9.30 am Symposium I: Biofilm Science
1. Integration of the Biofilm Concept into Diagnosis and Treatment of MS Infections
William Costerton, PhD
2. Host Immune Response to Biofilm Infections
Christof Wagner, MD
9.30 10.30 am Research papers: Diagnosis of Infection
10.30 10.50 am Coffee Break
10.50 11.40 am Symposium II: Diagnosis of Infection
1. Periprosthetic Infection of the Hip and Knee: Criteria for Diagnosis
Javad Parvizi, MD
2. Next Generation Molecular Diagnostics
Garth Ehrlich, PhD
11.40 12.55 pm Research papers: Risk Factors and Prevention
12.55 1.45 pm Carl L. Nelson, MD Memorial Case Discussion and Lunch
Paul Holtom, MD and Douglas Osmon, MD
1.45 3.25 pm Symposium III: Antimicrobial Prophylaxis and Therapy
1. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis: Overview and Update
Elie Berbari, MD
2. Antimicrobial Therapy for Chronic Osteomyelitis and Hardware-Related Infections
Douglas Osmon, MD
3. Antimicrobial Therapy for Diabetic Foot Infections
Nalini Rao, MD
4. Resistant Organisms: Current Options and Update on New Antimicrobials
Paul Holtom, MD
3.25 3.45 pm Coffee Break
3.45 5.15 pm Research papers: Arthroplasty Infections, Other

Saturday, August 7, 2010

6.45 7.30 am Registration, Breakfast
7.00 7.30 am MSIS Business Meeting
7.30 9.45 am Symposium IV: Infected Fractures & Nonunions: Surgical Management
1. Debridement, Management of Existing Hardware and Fracture Stabilization
Charalampos Zalavras, MD
2. Local Delivery of Antimicrobials
Alex McLaren, MD
3. Soft Tissue Coverage
Panayotis Soucacos, MD
4. Autogenous Bone Grafting and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
Jason Calhoun, MD
5. Free Vascularized Fibula Graft
Konstantinos Malizos, MD
6. Fine-Wire External Fixation and Distraction Osteogenesis
George Cierny III, MD
9.45 10.30 am Special Lecture: Management of Open Fractures
Michael Patzakis, MD
10.30 10.50 am Coffee Break
10.50 12.45 pm Symposium V: Upper Extremity Infections - Necrotizing Infections
1. Periprosthetic Shoulder Infections
John Itamura, MD
2. Septic arthritis of the upper extremity
Ali Ghiassi, MD
3. Microbiology and Antimicrobial Therapy for Upper Extremity Infections
Steven Schmitt, MD
4. Necrotizing Infections of the Upper Extremity
Stephen Schnall, MD
5. Necrotizing Fasciitis: A different perspective and life Lessons
William Obremskey, MD
12.45 1.00 pm Presentation of Jon T. Mader Clinical Study Award
Presentation of Jeanette Wilkins Basic Science Study Award
Inauguration of MSIS 2010-2011 Executive Committee
Conference Evaluation
Concluding Remarks