2003 Meeting Symposia

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Surgical Debridement

Friday, August 1, 2003 8:00 AM -9:30 AM

Moderator: Alex McLaren, MD

Introduction: Alex McLaren
Definitions, goals of treatment

  1. Speaker: Michael Patzakis, MD
    What I do with attention to trauma and long bone infections.
  2. Speaker: Ed McPherson, M.D.
    What I do with attention to prosthetic implants.
  3. Point --- Counter Point Discussion
    1. when debridement fails: why did it?
      how do you tell?
      what to do for the ID
      what to do for the surgeon
    2. when a surgeon is bating < .100 and you are the only ID
    3. role of cultures: how many? when? from where?
      what is a positive result?
    4. sinus tracts: debridement considerations
    5. intaoperative investigations: what works?
      do you or don't you?
    6. zone of demarcation: effect on outcome?
      effect on surgical difficulty?
      does suppressive therapy and time help?
    7. multiple debridements: how many? when?
      is this patient dependent or surgeon dependent?
    8. to remove or not to remove: living infected bone?
      sterile dead bone?
      vital structures? vascular, nerve
      structural anatomy? lig, tendon, muscle, bone
      does complete debridement or reconstruction fear prevail?

Conclusion: Alex McLaren, M.D.