2003 Meeting Symposia

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Ask The Experts

Saturday, August 2, 2003 10:00 AM -11:15 AM

Orthopaedics: Arlen Hanssen, MD

Infectious Disease: Nalini Rao, M.D.

This session is intended to answer the questions that, until this point in the meeting, have gone unanswered.

Topics will be attendee derived, and the discussion will be interactive.

The Experts will act as a resource and as moderators to direct discussion to other participants that are known to have expertise in the subject of discussion.

Questions and topics have been solicited from the attendees prior to the start of the meeting and during the meeting.

Research questions, concept questions on musculoskeletal infection issues that you have always wanted to get an opinion on, current issues in your practice and topics introduced elsewhere on the program are all welcomed. Ask your counterpart, Surgeon or ID ... What are you doing/thinking? !!